Separation of black plastics - a challenge
The hamos EKS plastic-plastic separators separates, with a minimum of effort, mixed materials into clean single polymer fractions. Hamos uses tribo-electric effects to selectively charge the plastic mixtures. One polymer (i.e. ABS) gets positively charged, the other (i.e. PS) is charged negatively. Separation is done in a high voltage electrode system. The tribo-electric effects, the basis of the electrostatic behaviour of the individual polymers, work independently from colour, so even mixtures of completely black plastics can be separated. Thus the hamos EKS is the ideal machine for separation of mixed black plastic from WEEE or toner cartridge recycling. Clean commodities like ABS, PS or PP with high purities > 98% are achieved.  For the best separation results with mixed WEEE, or other complex plastic waste, a wet separation prior to the hamos system are required. Hamos will be glad to provide recommendations and designs for this, based upon the know-how from WERSAG, hamos’s sister company.

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