Aside from an extensive range of separation equipment, hamos also offers services such as separation tests. With unknown material mixtures, we usually perform a separation test first. Based on the results then obtained, you receive an offer for a separation technique to separate your material.

Should you have larger amounts of mixed plastics from electrical and electronics waste, our sister company wersag - Wertstoff Sachsen GmbH & Co. KG offers the processing solution:

wersag produces pure fractions in plastics such as ABS, PS and PP from mixed plastics arising from electrical and electronics waste by using special forward-looking processing technology developed by hamos.

You can obtain here more information about wersag.    

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Separation tests
We can investigate in our technical department whether your material is suited for electrostatic separation and which purities and recovery rates can be achieved for the different product constituents. We can offer you optimum equipment based on the separation results obtained with your product. For this we need only to know your planned throughput rate in kilograms per hour.

With additional process stages such as shredding, drying, air classification, etc., we can also develop an optimum process concept for materials that are difficult to separate.

The comprehensive documentation of the separation results, together with an offer prepared by us, enable you to find out potential sales outlets for the separated products and to make a calculation on the efficiency. Your decision for acquisition of a hamos separator is thereby facilitated and supported by hard data and facts.

We have already separated very many materials with extensive testing. Please speak with us if you are interested in a separation test in our technical department.

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