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hamos RSS elastomer separators

With the hamos RSS elastomer separator, undesired elastomers are separated out in a dry way. A highly concentrated elastomer fraction and a high quality practically elastomer-free plastic fraction are obtained.

In recycling of plastics from electronic waste, automotive light shredder fractions (SLF), etc. it is important to obtain clean and directly recoverable plastic fractions. Elastomers contained in plastics, such as for example silicone rubber or rubber of different composition, can cause severe disturbance however. They are largely thermosetting materials and therefore no longer melt, this leading to loss of quality and deficiencies in processing of the plastics.

Your advantages

  • Dry separation process
  • Increased product purity                              
  • High efficiency 
  • Low loss of good material
  • Concentrated elastomer fraction
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Low energy consumption

If you recycle

  • Electronic scrap (WEEE)
  • Automotive light shredder fractions (SLF)
  • other mixed plastics

then the hamos RSS is the ideal solution for elastomer removal.

Requirements for your material

In order to obtain an optimum separation result with the hamos RSS, the plastic mixtures to be separated must have the following characteristics:

  • Dry material (surface moisture < 0.5 %)
  • Particle size between 2 mm and 10 mm
  • Dust-free material

You are not certain whether your material is suitable for separation with the hamos RSS? Speak with our experts. We will be pleased to investigate the separation capability of your material in our technical department.

We will show you which purities and throughput rates we can achieve with your material. Based on the test results, you receive out test report and a suitable offer for your application.

Operating principle

The polymer fraction with elastomer contamination is fed into the integrated hopper of the hamos RSS. The elastomer separator takes out the residual rubber/elastomer contamination.  The result is a practically elastomer-free, clean plastic granulate.

Product brochure

For more information, please download our product brochure.

hamos film
hamos WRS
hamos film
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