Electrostatic separators remove PET-G and PVC from PET flakes

Separate PET into pure fractions

PET bottles are increasingly shrink-sleeved with labels in PET-G shrink film. These are clearly very decorative, present large problems however in recycling the PET bottles, since the melting point of PET-G is almost 100 °C below the melting point of PET.  

hamos EKS-PET separator

Electrostatic separation from hamos offers the solution here: the hamos EKS-PET separator is able to selectively charge PET and PET-G in different ways. Subsequent separation in a high voltage field results in separation of the PET-G fraction from the PET flakes. Any possible residual PVC contamination can additionally also be simultaneously separated in this separation stage.

Numerous hamos PET recycling lines are in use throughout the world. For example, a leading PET recycler in North America makes success use of this technology. By running several electrostatic separators in parallel, approx. 3 tonnes of PET flakes are freed from both PVC and undesired contamination by PET-G shrink labels.  

We separate your original PET material in a separation test

Would you like to know whether electrostatic separation is the suitable technology for your application? We will gladly show you our plastics separators in operation, test your original material in our technical centre for its separation ability and use the results to prepare corresponding technical details and an offer for you.

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