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hamos KWS electrostatic metal/plastic separators

hamos KWS electrostatic separators are used for dry separation of metals from plastics and other non-conductive materials. Even finest metal particles of < 0.1 mm can be separated.

It is therefore an especially efficient way to regain valuable metals by separating them from plastics or to clean plastics from metal parts before further processing.

Your advantages

  • Dry separation process
  • High metal purities
  • Optimal for fine metal particles
  • Additional profits through higher metal extraction
  • Proven technology
  • Fast amortisation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimum use of staff
  • Practically no wear

If you recycle

  • Mixtures of metal and non-conductive materials
  • Used cables
  • Electronic waste
  • Shredder light fraction (SLF)
  • Grinding dust
  • Circuit boards
  • Aluminium-plastic composite materials
  • Other conductive/non-conductive mixtures

the hamos KWS is the ideal equipment to recuperate the valuable metal fraction.  


Requirements for your material

The material mixture to be separated with the hamos KWS must have the following characteristics in order to achieve an optimum separation result:

  • Conductive/non-conductive mixture (e.g. metal and plastic)
  • Completely disintegrated material (no composites)   
  • Dry material (ideal surface moisture < 0.2 %)
  • Predominantly dust-free material
  • Particle size from 100 μm to max. 8 mm

You are not sure whether your material is suitable for electrostatic separation? Speak with our experts. After having contacted us, send us a material sample of approx. 5 kg. We will be pleased to demonstrate the performance of our electrostatic separators to you.

We show you which metal yield and throughput you can achieve with an electrostatic separator with your material. You will receive our report based on these separation results. We will gladly offer you the optimum equipment or system for your application.

You will be astonished at the degree of value creation that you can achieve with your material.

Operating principle

The hamos KWS electrostatic separator separates conductive products from non-conductive ones.

The metal mixture to be separated is introduced via a vibrating conveyor to a rotating earthed metal drum and transported to the area of a corona electrode. The material is electrostatically charged there with up to 35,000 volts.

Conductive materials (metals) give up their charge very quickly to the drum and are ejected by the rotating movement. The non-conductive materials however loose their charge only very slowly, remain adhered to the surface of the metal drum and are finally brushed off. The material is therefore separated into a conductive and a non-conductive fraction.

Product brochure

For more information, please download our product brochure.

hamos film
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hamos film
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hamos film
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