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hamos EKS-PET electrostatic PET/PVC separators

hamos EKS-PET electrostatic plastics separators separate undesired PVC contamination from washed and dried PET flakes, to produce a clean PET fraction.

The hamos EKS-PET electrostatic separator enables very high PET purities through almost complete separation of PVC contamination. Approx. 90 - 95 % of the PVC content is removed, even with large throughput rates (3 t/hr). The PVC content can be reduced in this single separation stage from, for example, 300 ppm (parts per million) down to 15 to 30 ppm. This enables the PET recyclate to be used without difficulty for high-grade applications.

Your advantages

  • Dry separation process
  • High purity of the PET
  • Separation independent of specific weight or colour
  • Low losses of good quality material
  • Proven technology
  • Fast amortisation
  • High throughput rates
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low number of operating staff
  • Practically no wear

If you recycle

  • PET bottles
  • PET flakes

the hamos EKS-PET is the ideal equipment for removal of PVC contamination.

Requirements for your material

In order to obtain an optimum separation result, the plastic mixtures must have the following characteristics:

  • PET with PVC contamination
  • Washed and dried flakes
  • Without adhered glue residue
  • Dust-free material
  • Material moisture < 1 % (surface moisture between 0.4 and 0.8 %)
  • Particle size between 2 and 12 mm
  • Homogeneous particle size distribution
  • Ideally, no further contamination

You are not sure, whether your material is suitable for electrostatic separation in the hamos EKS-PET? We will be pleased to investigate the separation capability of your material in our technical department. For this, after checking with us, send us a material sample of approx. 20 kg.

We will show you which purities and throughput rates we can achieve with your material. Based on the test results, you receive our test report and a suitable offer for your application.

Operating principle

hamos EKS-PET electrostatic plastics separators use differences in tribo-electrical behaviour to separate PET and PVC.

The input material is introduced into a so-called tribo-electric charging unit via a vibrating conveyor. The plastics are selectively and differently charged here according to the specific palstic. PET particles take on here a positive charge, while the PVC becomes negatively charged. This effect is brought about by transfer of electrons from one article to another.

After having been successfully charged, the plastic mixture reaches a high voltage field, where the PVC particles become separated from the PET due to their different charge.

Colour contamination can be removed entirely automatically with a SEA PIXEL colour sorting machine installed further downline.

Product brochure

For more information, please download our product brochure.

hamos film
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