hamos LCS last-chance metal separators

Electronic all-metal separators of the hamos LCS ("Last Chance Separator") series are used especially in plastics processing with slow moving or "stationary" material columns. They offer the last chance of detecting damaging metal parts and removing them fully automatically, before these disappear into the intakes of extruders or injection moulding machines. Not only are ferrous metals detected, but also non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, brass etc.

Damage to extruder screws and tools or blockage of hot runner systems are therefore reliably prevented. The stabile and extremely strong housing of the hamos LCS separators can also be used for mounting of mixers, driers and small conveying equipment.

Your advantages

  • Protection of extruders and injection moulding machines
  • Removal of metal from slow or stationary material columns
  • Low installation height
  • Extremely strong housing
  • Own monitoring with diagnosis system
  • Fully-automatic function
  • Proven technology
  • Almost maintenance-free

If you recycle

  • Plastic granulates
  • Ground plastics
  • Plastics recyclate

then the hamos LCS electronic all-metal separator is the ideal equipment for metal separation.

Operating principle

hamos LCS electronic all-metal separators are suitable for metal separation from stationary or slow moving material columns.

Slow moving material columns pass the sensor area of the hamos LCS. Ferrous or non-ferrous metal parts contained in the material are detected in the detection coil.

The detection coil/sensor unit is pushed together with the metal parts by a pneumatic cylinder to the ejection position. Metal contamination is removed on the side together with a small amount of good material. A sluice plate blocks the material supply while this takes place. Due to the very fast material ejection, extruders can also be monitored so that they do not "run empty".

After ejection of the metal, the empty sensor unit returns to the initial position and releases the material flow again.

Product brochure

For more information, please download our product brochure.

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