hamos FFS metal separators for pneumatic conveying lines

The hamos FFS series electronic all-metal separators recognise and remove metal particles from bulk materials that are transported in vacuum and pressure conveying lines. The metal recognition and separation takes place "on the fly" with conveying speeds at up to 30 m/s. Special mechanical separation systems are used, depending on the type of conveying (pressure or vacuum conveying, continuous or intermittent). The conveying pressure is maintained during the entire metal separation process.

Apart from ferrous metals, hamos FFS separators recognise and remove all non-ferrous metals. Products, machines and tools therefore are surely, reliably and cost effectively protected from damage through metal contamination. 

Your advantages

  • Protection of machines, tools,products
  • For continuous or intermittently working systems
  • Available for vacuum or pressure conveying lines
  • Maximum throughput corresponding to the conveying performance of pneumatic conveying   lines
  • Special mechanical separation prevents collapse of conveying pressure and flow
  • Self-monitoring with diagnosis system
  • Universal use with a connection flange specific to customer requirements
  • Integrated electronics
  • Proven technology
  • Almost maintenance-free

If you recycle

  • Plastic granulates
  • Ground plastics
  • Regrind 
  • Powder/dusts
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Recycling materials
  • Food
  • Feed
  • Other bulk materials

in pneumatic conveying lines, then the hamos FFS is the ideal equipment for metal separation.


Operating principle

The product to be freed of metal is conveyed pneumatically through the metal detection coil. Should a metal particle be then registered, the separation diverter in the metal separator opens. The product stream is diverted for a short while and the metal falls together with a minimal amount of the product into the separation container.

With all air-supported pneumatic conveying processes, both the speed of the flow in conveying pipework and the system over- and under-pressure in the metal separator and conveying pipework during the separation process remain almost constant. The transport of the product therefore is not interrupted.

In the case of the hamos FFS-L series, equipment for use in discontinuously working small vacuum conveying lines,  separation of the contaminated material takes place after completion of a conveying cyle via an elastic valve flap.

In the case of the hamos FFS-P series equipment for continuously working vacuum or pressure conveying lines, interruption of the conveying stream during the material separation process is prevented by a double sluice consisting of two shut-off valves, one after the other.

Product brochure

For more information, please download our product brochure.

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